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The Perfect Arena Footing...does it exist?

We hear a lot of debate about the perfect arena surface and footing material. Every few years’ new footings come around claiming to be “it”. But if the perfect footing does exist then why are the products continually changing? We have done our share of research over many years and in many different arenas. While there are many opinions involved they are more about personal preference, riding disciplines, breed, and climate than about actual footing material, sand, and installation.

Yes, the perfect arena footing does exist…

A "perfect" arena surface should be cushioned to minimize concussion on the horses’ legs, firm enough to provide traction, not too slick, dust free, retain moisture and not be overly abrasive to horses’ hooves. The arena surface should be resistant to freezing during cold weather, inexpensive to obtain, and easy to maintain. Sod, for example, makes an ideal footing. However the sod must contain the proper amount of moisture and have maximum root depth with the grass blades spaced evenly. Sod allows the horse hoof to indent on impact offering cushioning, yet when the hoof pushes off, the sod provides a firm resistance to propel his gait or jump. Unfortunately, sod will not hold up in a small area (like a dressage arena or horse jump ring) so this is not going to be the “perfect” option for most people.

Footing Additives. What are they for?

Footing additives like GGT Arena Footing can help stabilize, maintain moisture, and add cushioning to your footing which greatly improves your riding surface.