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About Us

We are a construction company specializing in Equestrian ring construction, design, grading and site development. We have become one of the most recognized and respected companies in the Wellington, Florida area. We have constructed rings for some of the top known jumper riders including Laura Kraut, Eric Lamaze, Ian Millar, Kent Farrington, Darragh Kenny, Vinton Karrasch, and Cian O'Connor. We have also installed rings for top dressage riders including Debbie McDonald, Oded Shimoni, Tuny Page, CeCe Stewart and Catherine Haddad. We have recently expanded service to all of North America installing specialty rings using the Risohorse ebb & flow system. This system irrigates the riding surface from underneath and removes rain water automatically.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing our customers the best footing and ring system for their discipline and budget by showing them the different rings and footings we have installed. We invite them to speak with our customers, trainers and riders to get their input. We know that owners, riders and trainers all have different theories on what is the best footing for their discipline, horse and budget. We will be sure to provide you with as much information and references as possible so you can make an informed decision.